Utility Location Applications

Meemim combines mixed reality, GIS mapping and document management to enable municipalities and utilities to increase productivity and safety on job sites.

Making Utilities Location Easy

Municipalities, public utilities and utility location services can now have a superior approach to locating lines and cables in the field.  Meemim combines existing GIS map databases with mixed reality headsets to speed up discovery and placement of above- and below-ground utilities infrastructure.

Meemim vGIS - Visual GIS

GIS Meets Mixed Reality for Faster, Safer Discovery

Meemim applications take GIS and other utilities data to deliver a first-of-its kind mixed reality solution that allows planners, operations managers and field crews to see, in real time and in the field, all the documented pipes and cables below grade using mixed reality headsets.

This real-time in-field visualization of serviceable objects and related information speeds up line identification.

GIS Layer - Visual GIS Hologram

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