The ‘Meemim’ approach

Meemim’s philosophy takes the ‘user-first’ approach to system design. Our goal is to create visually appealing, easy to use, highly functional tools that hide their complexity and sophistication ‘under the hood’. This approach is applied to every engagement, and embedded in the final realization of each project.

Meemim creates an enhanced user experience that allows users maximum flexibility to adapt their user interface to what works best for them, let them quickly find and access the information they need, saving time, reducing frustration and increasing productivity.

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Hands-on business experience and technical expertise combined - Meet the professionals who are bringing Meemim to you and the World - Meemim Team.

Meemim vGIS - Real-time and in-the-field holographic visualizations of above-ground and underground pipes, valves, cables, and other utility objects - LEARN MORE.

Meemim CONNECTS - Collaboration platform to help you quickly organize and share information across teams and departments - LEARN MORE.

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People Love Meemim

  • Grayson Bass

    "Simply the best tool to organize course information."

  • What Our Clients Say

    Kathryn Djordjevic

    "I found Meemim to be an easy to use technology to catalogue all of the interesting online articles, and photos I find, and include my own notes and reflections. My team was also able to use Meemim to document research and keep the information all in one place - an easy way to share and collaborate!"

  • Ettore Ettonti

    "Easy and effortless access tool to find information in seconds. Helped me organize all my work data, making my life easier."

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