Utility Line Locators
Visual GIS
The world's first holographic 3D GIS, Meemim vGIS combines HoloLens technology and GIS mapping to deliver the next generation cable and pipe locators that increases in-field productivity and worker safety.
Team Collaboration Software
Collaboration Portal
Teams and companies use Meemim's free knowledge management/collaboration platform to save time creating and sharing information, both for in-house productivity and client-facing information portals.
Microsoft HoloLens
HoloLens Development
Real-time 3D holograms blended with physical environments to deliver a new level of information management and productivity for business.

Meet Some Of Our 700 Clients

What Our Clients Say

  • Arny PDU

    "Meemim makes file management and discovery intuitive, less frustrating and a whole lot faster, especially for the user who may not know the proper technical nomenclature, but know what they are 'looking' for."

  • Len TRMUA

    "Meemim has pioneered vGIS technology, allowing organizations like ours, to literally 'see' underground utility locations, in the field, via Microsoft HoloLens. Truly innovative, truly transforming."

  • Courtney DVI Lighting

    "Meemim is a tool I wish I had years ago.The ability to organize everything visually is a huge improvement with my workflow when I’m looking for that one file within thousands."

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